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What are ARIA states and properties?

ARIA state and properties are HTML attributes that are added to elements using:


ARIA states define the current state of HTML elements in the accessibility tree. For example:

ARIA properties define purpose or relationships of HTML elements in the accessibility tree. For example:

New states and properties

A range of new states and properties were added to ARIA 1.1. At this stage, no new states or properties have been added to ARIA 1.2. ARIA states and properties are currently categorized as follows:

Widget Attributes

Widget attributes are specific to common user interface elements found on GUI systems or in rich internet applications which receive user input and process user actions. These attributes are used to support the widget roles.

Widget Attributes ARIA 1.0 ARIA 1.1 ARIA 1.2
aria-autocomplete Widget Widget Widget
aria-checked Widget Widget Widget
aria-disabled Widget Widget Widget
aria-errormessage NA Widget Widget
aria-expanded Widget Widget Widget
aria-haspopup Widget Widget Widget
aria-hidden Widget Widget Widget
aria-invalid Widget Widget Widget
aria-label Widget Widget Widget
aria-level Widget Widget Widget
aria-modal NA Widget Widget
aria-multiline Widget Widget Widget
aria-multiselectable Widget Widget Widget
aria-orientation Widget Widget Widget
aria-placeholder NA Widget Widget
aria-pressed Widget Widget Widget
aria-readonly Widget Widget Widget
aria-required Widget Widget Widget
aria-selected Widget Widget Widget
aria-sort Widget Widget Widget
aria-valuemax Widget Widget Widget
aria-valuemin Widget Widget Widget
aria-valuenow Widget Widget Widget
aria-valuetext Widget Widget Widget

Live Region Attributes

Live Region attributes indicate that content changes may occur without the element having focus, and to provide assistive technologies with information on how to process those content updates.

Live Region Attributes ARIA 1.0 ARIA 1.1 ARIA 1.2
aria-atomic Live region Live region Live region
aria-busy Live region Live region Live region
aria-live Live region Live region Live region
aria-relevant Live region Live region Live region

Drag-and-Drop Attributes

Drag-and-Drop attributes indicate information about drag-and-drop interface elements, such as draggable elements and their drop targets.

Drag-and-Drop Attributes ARIA 1.0 ARIA 1.1 ARIA 1.2
aria-dropeffect Drag and drop Drag and drop Drag and drop
aria-grabbed Drag and drop Drag and drop Drag and drop

Relationship Attributes

Relationship attributes indicate relationships or associations between elements which cannot be readily determined from the document structure.

Relationship Attributes ARIA 1.0 ARIA 1.1 ARIA 1.2
aria-activedescendant Relationship Relationship Relationship
aria-colcount NA Relationship Relationship
aria-colindex NA Relationship Relationship
aria-colspan NA Relationship Relationship
aria-controls Relationship Relationship Relationship
aria-describedby Relationship Relationship Relationship
aria-details NA Relationship Relationship
aria-errormessage Relationship Relationship Relationship
aria-flowto Relationship Relationship Relationship
aria-labelledby Relationship Relationship Relationship
aria-owns Relationship Relationship Relationship
aria-posinset Relationship Relationship Relationship
aria-rowcount NA Relationship Relationship
aria-rowindex NA Relationship Relationship
aria-rowspan NA Relationship Relationship
aria-setsize Relationship Relationship Relationship

Global Attributes

Some states and properties are applicable to all host language elements regardless of whether a role is applied. These are defined as "Global" attributes. Global states and properties are supported by all roles and by all base markup elements.

Global Attributes ARIA 1.0 ARIA 1.1 ARIA 1.2
aria-atomic Global Global Global
aria-busy Global Global Global
aria-controls Global Global Global
aria-current NA Global Global
aria-describedby Global Global Global
aria-details NA Global Global
aria-disabled Global Global Global
aria-dropeffect Global Global Global
aria-errormessage NA Global Global
aria-flowto Global Global Global
aria-grabbed Global Global Global
aria-haspopup Global Global Global
aria-hidden Global Global Global
aria-invalid Global Global Global
aria-keyshortcuts NA Global Global
aria-label Global Global Global
aria-labelledby Global Global Global
aria-live Global Global Global
aria-owns Global Global Global
aria-relevant Global Global Global
aria-roledescription NA Global Global

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